As a company we pride ourselves on the values that we have. Values, however, are not just words. They are actions. They are living and breathing. Why do I tell you this? Well, Chantelle Venter needed, for family reasons, to move to Australia.

As a Senior Consultant who has an exceptional track record she had no shortage of offers. She had no desire to move to a new work family, her dream was to open something new for us. Did we have a strategy that had us expanding into new geographies? Not specifically. Of course we have talked about how to grow and whether we had clients who had other locations that we could support, a beachhead to land on. Ultimately though for this it came down to one factor, Chantelle.

She worked hard to earn the right to be supported. Is this the easiest road for her or us? No. Is it going to be the most fun and rewarding? I believe yes. So here we start. Unfortunately our New Zealand brand names were taken and so we landed on Vector.

We are attending the PMI Conference on the Gold Coast in May as a partner. We are looking to replicate the consultative approach we have here. We know how to support clients and candidates alike. We know a thing or two about sourcing, marketing and how to be successful “because business success is about GREAT PEOPLE’’. We have and will be successful because Chantelle is GREAT. Watch this space…